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On Recessions and Forest Fires

by Lilia Shirman on April 27, 2009

in Economy,Entrepreneurship

Photo by a brilliant photographer on Picasa (TJ7779)

Several weeks ago, I was driving through the mountains around Tahoe, returning from a weekend of skiing.   As we passed an area that had been devastated by a forest fire, I saw hope in the destruction.

I realized that this recession is very much like a forest fire.  Giants that had been standing for decades are suddenly gone.  Others are still standing, but have been badly singed.  The devastation seems all-encompassing and permanent.

But a closer look at the barren hillside told another story.   Forest fires have another effect that is easy to forget in times like these:   They create the space for new growth.  They are nature’s mechanism for renewal.

The recession, as painful as it is for all of us, is creating room for growth as well.    If we allow it, the difficult times will provide the space and light that are needed for new ventures to get visibility, new ideas to take root, and new ways of doing things to get tried and adopted.

How has the downturn inspired you or your company to get creative and start anew?

(Photo generously provided via Picasa by TJ from Davis, Ca)